Assumes Position as Chief Marketing Strategist with a Mission to Maximize Growth and Awareness of the Condo Hotel Lodging Sector

Panama City Beach, Fla. – The Onsite Property Management Association (OPMA) is pleased to announce that veteran travel industry consultant John Dalton has joined the organization in a consulting capacity as chief marketing strategist. Dalton, who is also nationally recognized as one of the travel industry’s foremost motivational speakers and trainers, has provided consulting services and training to a wide range of travel industry companies, including a number of major cruise lines, airlines, hotel chains, tour operators, car rental firms, travel agency groups, and vacation rental providers. He was the first in the entire travel industry to conduct a video sales training program, and he helped produce the training videos for CLIA (Cruise Lines International Association).

Dalton will be focused primarily on helping OPMA with its national awareness campaign for the fast-growing condo hotel lodging sector, the production and introduction of training programs for the members, and the development of programs that benefit owners, rental guests, and OPMA members—membership consists of onsite managers and providers of goods and services.

Rick Fisher, executive director for OPMA, has worked closely with Dalton over the last thirty-plus years. Every joint business collaboration, without exception, has resulted in measurable growth and success. “John’s ability to stay ahead of industry trends has helped organizations introduce cutting-edge concepts and offer differentiation, target marketing, and added value to better serve their member bases and further maximize their sales and profits.”

Creating greater consumer and media awareness of the condo hotel lodging sector, which represents the “best of both worlds” (i.e., condo accommodations with hotel amenities), is the type of opportunity that Mr. Dalton has relished his entire career in the travel industry. “It’s exciting once again to interact with innovative executives who see a future that others in the lodging industry do not. I have always believed that open minds and creative talent, more often than not, produce optimal results.”

As the association’s new chief marketing strategist, Dalton will be participating in and presenting creative ideas and initiatives at the OPMA Advisory Board Council meeting next month in Orlando. Following the board meeting, the organization will be announcing some exciting new member programs that will further position OPMA and its members for continued growth and prosperity in 2015.