Onsite Management Companies and Providers of Goods and Services Merged into One Membership Category

Panama City Beach, Fla. (July 22, 2014) – On June 25, 2014, the Onsite Property Management Association (OPMA) held its first advisory board meeting in Atlanta. At the board meeting, a motion was unanimously approved that the association would move forward with one membership category; on-site managers and providers of goods and services will henceforth both be designated simply as members of OPMA. The annual membership enrollment fee remains the same at $595, and all members qualify as Founding Members of the association through the August 31, 2014, enrollment deadline period.

“This reclassification to a common membership status for on-site managers and providers of goods and services represents a groundbreaking industry development and reinforces our commitment to view providers of goods and services as not just simply preferred suppliers or vendors,” said Rick Fisher, executive director of OPMA. “In actuality, they represent another critically important ‘set of hands’ that works in tandem with on-site property managers for the common good of OPMA, rental guests and owners.”

OPMA advisory board member Steve Zimmerman, president of Beach House Logos and a longtime supporter of the vacation rental lodging sector, agreed that this unprecedented decision will only further contribute to the continued growth and success of OPMA.

“We are extremely excited that OPMA has included providers of goods and services as equal partners by classifying all members under one category designation,” Zimmerman said. “This interaction between all members will lead to better practices and standards, will provide a great guest and owner experience, and will enable OPMA members and membership to grow as a result of ongoing dialogue and cooperation.”