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Nonprofit Association to Educate Property Managers

Panama City Beach, Fla. (March 01, 2014) – The Onsite Property Management Association, Inc. is pleased to announce the formation of a new 501(c)(6) nonprofit association, the Onsite Property Management Association (OPMA). OPMA will specifically promote education and advocacy for on-site property management companies.

“OPMA’s mission lies in promoting the value of the rental experience through on-site rental property management companies versus rental management companies and individual owners who lack an on-property presence,” said Paul Wohlford, president of OPMA.

“In the age of internet-based travel, rarely does a day go by where we don’t see a news report about a consumer who has lost their hard-earned savings after booking a vacation rental through a fraudulent classifieds listing or who arrived to find that their accommodations didn’t match what was promised to them,” Wohlford said. “There are so many on-site companies out there operating ethically and providing their guests with great experiences, and we feel the time is right to join forces with them to advocate for our industry and our guests. It’s time to make a stand against the practices that harm all of us.”

With support from the National Restaurant Association, the Florida Restaurant and Lodging Association and several noted Chambers of Commerce, OPMA has already attracted interest from industry veterans and innovators.

“We’re here to encourage and facilitate cooperation and the exchange of ideas between like-minded industry professionals,” Wohlford said. “We operate on the premise that what’s good for one of us is good for all of us, and we’re taking that one step further by inviting key industry suppliers and services to join as OPMA partners. This gives our members access to fully vetted and trusted supply channels and gives our partners inside access to the businesses who use their goods and services. Everyone wins, including, ultimately, the guests.”

OPMA’s membership criteria ensure that all members are similar in company structure and vision and that they have a physical management presence on the properties they represent. OPMA has assembled a founding board of directors comprised of lodging professionals who will bring their collective experience to the forefront, ensuring that all members and partners have access to the latest industry strategies, trends and information.

The ultimate goal of OPMA is to increase consumer confidence by providing and promoting standards for the lodging industry through both voluntary adoption and through legislative advocacy. These standards are a means of quality control and result in increased profits by way of repeat business, cultivation of guest loyalty and elevation of the guest’s experience.

“We believe participation and membership in OPMA is essential for the advancement and safeguarding of our industry,” Wohlford said. “OPMA will set the standard for superior owner and guest satisfaction.”

About OPMA

Founded in March 2013 as a 501(c)(6) nonprofit, the Onsite Property Management Association (OPMA) is spearheading an effort to support the advancement of on-site property management companies. By providing education and advocacy, OPMA will promote the value of the rental experience through on-site property management companies versus off-site management companies or individuals. By leveraging the collective experiences of industry veterans, this network of mutual support will elevate industry standards to ensure superior guest and homeowner experiences. The association is committed to providing a clear and cooperative message and to championing the growth and success of the industry. To learn more about the Onsite Property Management Association, visit or call (877) 870-6510.