Don’t Just Take Our Word For It

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Don’t Just Take Our Word For It

OPMA is not the only one calling attention to the differences between professional management companies and individual renter operations.  There have been many stories in the media over recent years showcasing the risk from renting through individual owners.

The most recent news reports have focused on scammers who use websites like VRBO or CraigsList. The link below tells the story of vacationers losing their hard saved vacation funds to unknown, unprofessional individuals who fabricate beach homes which may not even exist.

Report: Vacation Confidential (ABC 20/20 – 2nd segment)

Report: Watch Out for Vacation Rental Scams (MSNBC)

Websites where owners can post their own unverified descriptions and manage their own feedback can lead to misleading information for the person looking to find a great deal online. When these vacation promises are not backed up there is no one to issue the vacationer a refund. Or for that matter, have a strong policy in place to deal with rouge individuals who give the industry a bad name. This report recounts a vacations experience with misleading information online.

Report: VRBO’s Questionable Review Policy (Jason Mendelson)

Due to then amount of scams which have come to light online for vacation rentals there are many companies now sounding the alarm to protect your vacation investment. The link below details risks a vacationer faces when booking online and backs up many of the tips OPMA recommends.

Report: Craigslist Vacation Rental Scam Gaining Momentum (Clark Howard)

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