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Bargains Come at a Risk

Tracey Heffernan of Yahoo presents the risks travelers expose themselves to when using online marketplaces such as VRBO to book their accommodations: "This do-it-yourself approach has put dozens of properties in one location, often at a steal of a rate, but some travelers have also realized that such bargains come at a risk. Without professional [...]

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67% of Guests Prefer OPM’s reports "The vacation rental business lends itself to Do-It-Yourself types: we do our own marketing, we fix our own leaks, we handle our own accounting. But this self-sufficient mentality stands out to me as both our strongest asset and our greatest downfall." Read the full story HERE.

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Property Management vs. Doing It Yourself

Which one is right for you? Many billions of dollars have been spent in the US in an effort to kindle the “Do it yourself” spirit. There are many success stories in the world of owner operated vacation rentals. One of the most popular means with which to present your vacation property is a website [...]

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Best Practices for Property Managers

Managing rental properties is a professional industry and keeping owner’s investment protected, clean and producing revenue is important. As a few Best Practices, honesty, transparency and preventative maintenance are at the heart of keeping owners on your rental program. […]

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Five Tips for Making Customers Happy

Making your customers happy isn’t a hard if you know how to treat them. The following are simple but effective ways to your owners to keep then happy. Golden rule-treat customers the way you want to be treated Know your clientele and understand their expectations Go the extra mile Empathize with your guests Listen to [...]

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