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Five Tips for Making Customers Happy

Making your customers happy isn’t a hard if you know how to treat them. The following are simple but effective ways to your owners to keep then happy. Golden rule-treat customers the way you want to be treated Know your clientele and understand their expectations Go the extra mile Empathize with your guests Listen to [...]

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Property Owner Responsibilities

Vacation Rental Tax Requirements As a vacation rental property owner, you are required to charge and collect taxes on all short term rentals. In some cases short term rentals are defined as rental periods up to six months. Many of these taxes are specific to lodging and are a significant tax revenue source in resort [...]

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Don’t Just Take Our Word For It

OPMA is not the only one calling attention to the differences between professional management companies and individual renter operations.  There have been many stories in the media over recent years showcasing the risk from renting through individual owners. […]

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How to Retain Property Owners

Retention Techniques for Property Managers Revenue. The bottom line is investment income for your owners. Effective sales and marketing efforts is something you can offer to owner they cannot do themselves. You know your destination better than the owner; you live it and breathe it. […]

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Stay Smart: 10 Ways to Protect Your Vacation

When booking your vacation there are many ways you can protect your investment. Below are the OPMA Stay Smart tips: Rent your vacation home, condominium or hotel unit through a professional property management company, who is contracted by the owner to rent their property. Google the address of the property listed online, with the street [...]

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