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Letter from the Chairman


Dear Fellow Industry Professionals,

Welcome to the Onsite Property Management Association (OPMA)!   It is my pleasure and honor to serve as Chairman during these upcoming twelve months.  In just a few short years OPMA has already become the premier forum for our industry of onsite transient rental managers. If you are the owner or operator of a condominium hotel, condominium resort or a vacation rental project and you have your base of operations onsite, this is the place for you.   Here you will find yourself in the midst of fellow professionals that on a daily basis are dealing with the very same specific challenges that you and everyone else in our industry faces…and as you know these challenges can sometimes be daunting. OPMA can become your needed resource and advocate. In addition to onsite managers you will also be exposed to a select group of industry service providers who are focused and already in tune to our unique business model.  Here you will find not only the latest in business technologies and revenue enhancing products and services, but you can also connect with managers who actually have experience with using same and you can get real time feedback. Our bi-annual Summits are particularly informative and extremely well received by virtually all those that attend.  The topics and information can be found in no other hospitality industry organization.  None.

Currently OPMA represents over 50,000 resort accommodations and managers of companies both large and small that come from all across the country and even abroad.   I personally have been in the onsite transient rental management business for over thirty years, and I can honestly say that I have learned much more than I ever thought possible and contacts made through OPMA have become my company’s best resource for staying on top and ahead of the ever-changing dynamics of our industry.

If you are an onsite rental manager and would like to learn more, please do not hesitate to reach out or better yet join us now! You will never look back!   That can be assured.

In the Spirit of Hospitality,


Brent Howie

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OPMA membership means standing shoulder to shoulder with your colleagues as a leader in the industry. OPMA Members  are working together every day to innovate and shape the future of onsite property management.

Condo Hotel

A multi unit property legally classified as a condominium with each unit individually deeded. Generally, units are collectively placed into transient hotel rental operations, offering most of the services of a hotel, such as front desk operations and maid service. Condominium units are usually larger than hotel units, and include studios and one – four bedroom units, with fully equipped kitchens and laundry facilities, geared for transient use of 30 days or less.

“In our industry, the guest comes first, second, and last. Through serving the industry which serves the guest, OPMA advances the onsite property manager’s cause and ultimately, elevates the guest’s experience.”

Tony Santilli, National Business Development ManagerCSA Travel Protection

“OPMA is certainly an idea who’s time has arrived. Cooperation and collaboration among industry pros will create a sum that is greater than any of it’s parts.”

James Olin, Chief Executive Officer
C2G Advisors LLC