Letter from the President

bio_wohlford_newDear Colleagues:

I have recently returned from our inaugural OPMA Executive Summit May 11 and 12 in Atlanta and agree with many of the attendees that it was a resounding success. In what was referred to by many as a groundbreaking industry event, OPMA promoted and delivered a unique and informative program. The summit brought together top industry speakers and OPMA members in an intimate meeting environment that resulted in open dialogue and positive exchange among all. In addition to the general session presentations, there was significant networking among speakers, on-site property managers, and providers of goods and services—all key decision makers with their respective companies.

As a relatively new national lodging association, OPMA understands the importance of focusing on a few crucial goals. The speaker presentations, while on different topics, all tied back to the three major initiatives that OPMA has determined to be immediate priorities and long-term objectives for the association:

1. To define our lodging category and maximize awareness and recognition of the “condo hotel” lodging experience by consumers, travel media, mainstream media, and a wide range of lodging industry stakeholders including DMOs, OTAs, and state and national lodging associations. The OPMA Board of Directors voted unanimously to join AH&LA as an allied member, which provides OPMA a voice on local, state, and national levels and a broad base upon which to promote our program platform and initiatives.

2. To continue our national campaign against illegal short-term rentals. Our quest is not only to level the playing field among vacation rental owners, but also to tilt it in the favor of responsible property managers as professionals in the industry.

3. To further expand our membership base and to identify—and subsequently present—the financial impact our collective efforts are having towards tax revenue generation and job creation within destination economic development councils.

The OPMA Executive Summit represents an important first step in our growth plans as OPMA defines and articulates its goals. Our efforts will now be directed to collectively implementing targeted strategies and initiatives that will help us achieve the objectives above. Based on the tremendous positive feedback we have already received from this year’s attendees, we are looking ahead to our next Executive Summit and other OPMA events.


Paul Wohlford
President and Founder


OPMA membership means standing shoulder to shoulder with your colleagues as a leader in the industry. OPMA Members  are working together every day to innovate and shape the future of onsite property management.